Connecting Communities to
Learn, Inspire and Thrive Together

We create an empowered community of inspirational leaders and refugee youth to foster social cohesion and economic inclusion through each cohort.


Embark is a unique initiative in Turkey, bringing together high-level business leaders, refugees, and host community youth. The program offers various activities to exchange ideas, develop understanding, increase skills and build meaningful connections.

We aim to create an empowered community of inspirational business and youth leaders to foster social cohesion and economic inclusion through each cohort.

We aim to do this by:

Reserve Mentorship
Community Building
Goals for Good

Since 2018, Embark has implemented 5 reverse mentorship cohorts and reached over 150 Syrian and migrant youth and also more than 150 business leaders joining from more than 15 companies as mentees through its reverse mentoring program. Through its outreach efforts, Embark has reached more than 1000 youth and provided employability training to more than 300 youth.

In November 2018, Embark was selected to be showcased at the Paris Peace Forum, hosted by the French President Emmanuel Macron. Between 2019 to 2020 Embark has been showcased as a good example in several international and local conferences. As of 2021, Embark was granted the status of “changemaker for migration” within the Hello Europe/ASHOKA network. In 2021, Embark was selected as one of the transformative, youth-led solutions projects that have been contributing to the achievement of the UN 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement to be showcased in the Mediterranean Youth Solutions Report 2021 by UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth.


Embark is driven by the community of visionary and responsible youth and business leaders pioneering to live in a more inclusive, equitable and peaceful society.

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