“Here I am in front of my computer waiting to be connected to a business leader, a woman that we will have our reverse mentorship journey. I ask myself, what do I know and how will I do this mentorship? I am just 24 years old, a Syrian refugee woman, law graduate (In Syria), Masters student, mother of a 1-year-old son and trying to stand on my feet.

When there is so much going on out of control like leaving your country, family, friends behind, your degree being useless in this new country, a nationality that is not so popular, you feel like you are out of choices. The only goal that I could think of was to find the purpose of this life.

Can this be a reverse mentorship objective? Well, in my case it was. The Embark program offered me the role of a mentor, who has the power to make a difference, learn new skills and start over. It boosted my self-confidence.

We started our conversation by asking questions and trying to get to know each other which was also a surprise to see how we were alike although she was 20 years older than me, managing a department of a well-known company. What struck me is the fact that we both wanted to question our purpose in life. Our sessions took on a very deep engagement. We talked about life, work, career, being a mother and woman leader and questioned together. My mentee inspired me to encounter the challenges I may face pursuing my career, learning that I will not be the first woman to do that.

Now, I know that the Embark reverse mentorship program not only connects refugees with business leaders, but it also gives a perspective to create change. It can all start with a simple decision to act. I am here, with all the refugee women who would like to be part of this program.”