Connecting Communities to Learn, Inspire and Thrive Together

“Embark is a unique initiative in Turkey, bringing together high-level business leaders, refugees, and host community youth. The program’s activities are “Reverse Mentoring”, “Bootcamp”, “Goals for Good Program” and “Social Entrepreneurship” which connect talented Syrian, Turkish and migrant youth with business leaders to exchange ideas, develop understanding, increase their employability and build meaningful connections. “

Connect High Level Business Leaders with Youth

Enhance Youth Employability Skills

Empower Youth and Leaders


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Contact our program director Nuha Boğa Çam  embark@gelecekdaha.net 

Embark is a place where you bring two people from completely different worlds and let them discover just how much they have in common, and just how much they can learn from each other and even be of help to each other.

Odai, Syrian mentor

I first thought that this is just a good opportunity to meet with people from different backgrounds and share ideas and experiences ... After five meetings, I feel that we have touched each other’s lives deeply

Duygu, Unilever mentee

I now have an ideal in life and I will follow his lead on how to be successful in my career.

Syrian mentor

I am truly grateful for the chance I was given to meet a unique group of successful and ambitious people.

Syrian mentor

It was a great opportunity to get feedback from a youngster with a very different background. The content of the sessions was really strong and very different from regular corporate comments.


It supported my understanding very much about the new generation and cultural differences and similarities and helped me to shape my behavior to those generations accordingly.