Embark Academy

The Embark Academy follows a holistic approach and offers a continuous, practical, group, and personal learning environment led by experts, bringing hands-on cases for leadership, value creation, ideation, and creating solutions to business problems.

The objective of this activity is employability enhancement support through skills development targeting the white-collar segment of the job market and supporting community building. The training mainly focuses on personal and professional development.

The Academy have three main pillars; “Learn, Reflect and Share”, “Branding Yourself” and “Inspire & Lead”.

Reverse Mentorship

Embark offers reverse mentoring to business leaders and connects them with talented refugee, migrant and host community youth.

Reverse mentoring is an initiative in which business executives are paired with younger mentors to engage on various topics and to offer an opportunity for participants on both sides (two-way insights), meeting on an equal footing, to gain a better understanding of generational, cultural, and gender differences.

Leadership development
Personal learning
Building professional networks
Empowerment in business life
Embark Community

Talent Inclusion

We advocate for change!

The Embark Project focuses on identifying and addressing the systemic barriers that hinder young people from achieving their dreams. In order to create an equitable opportunity for every young person, it is essential to engage both youth and business leaders in the process of change.

Working with youth and various stakeholders from international organizations, local organizations and private sector leaders we bring stories of youth, experiences and co-create our sense of belonging.

Embark Project is a bridge to facilitate access to diverse talent pools, support youth in their own unique career and personal development journeys and raise awareness on inclusion.