When I came to Turkey, I was a bit unsure what my goals were. I hoped to meet inspiring people and develop ongoing genuine relationships. So far so good!  I started doing some research and applied for some mentor programs. Until one day I got a call from an embark mentorship program telling me that I have a chance to play a role of mentor with a business leader in a successful company. My interview went very well but still I was quite nervous.

Being a mentor with someone who had a successful experience in a foreign country with a different language is difficult but gives me the courage and motivation to cope with stress.

We started our conversation by getting to know each other, then I shared my background and experience while my mentee shared real-life advice that was learnt through years of trial, error and reflection. I was able to apply those to my current professional challenges and feel really confident doing so.

Despite of all our four meetings were via social networking apps because of the COVID 19 pandemic but optimism was with us, this let me  figure out what i want then put myself out there and courage me to tell myself that; “You aren’t going to get anywhere waiting for the connections to come until you initiate it”

Briefly, the role that the embark mentorship program offered to me, which I am so thankful for, taught me new skills and have broadened my own thought process. I have become aware of the different ways of working, allowing me to play a significant role in my professional development to prepare for a post COVID-19 world.

Saleh’s Mentee

Embark mentorship has given me a great opportunity to meet up with Saleh. We exchanged ideas/thoughts covering a wide spectrum during the program.  The benefit was mutual for both Mentor and Mentee. Outcome was extremely positive; I felt like two distant worlds were coming together and pulling out productive discussions.