It all started when I saw the poster of Embark on my friend’s story. Indeed, it caught my attention that it was the first time I see a thing called “reverse mentorship”. I got very curious about what kind of program it could be and I immediately started checking and questioning. I was very excited to apply and engage with such an experience to be a mentor to a high-level business executive.

To be connected with a business leader is very stressful. Especially that I am still a student in his third year and a refugee in a foreign country who is figuring his way to engage with the business environment. Becoming a mentor confused me at first,  I did not know what I would be able to give or add to someone who is already very successful.

However, here I am talking about my experience, that first of all, made gain a great mentee and a friend. We covered a great amount of topics such as social sciences and requirements for business fieldwork in Turkey. We realized that we have many interests in common and learned a great deal from each other.  She had a critical eye that helped me see myself in a better light, how I can work on myself in a different way, and also inspired me to engage in many things in the future. In the literal sense of the word, I got matched with an amazing human being.

Ultimately, I cannot be more fulfilled by being a part of this community. This program was more than a great experience that helped me see things from different perspectives. And it can prove that how a small idea and a little talk can end up connecting people and benefit from all their potentials.