Ever since I started my academic career, I have drifted back and forth in the waves of uncertainty till I lost my destination in the sea. That was until I saw the lighthouse at a distance that led my way to the shore in the middle of a moonless night. That lighthouse was Embark, literally. I was welcomed there not as a participant, but as a family member. I was given the torch, not just to enlighten the remainder of my journey, but to be able to shed light to others as well. It made me unleash the potential that has been dormant inside of me for years. During the reverse mentorship program, my mind has experienced a paradigm shift from a state of “what can I even offer as a mentor?” into an equilibrium state of “there are plenty of ideas to convey and still a lot to learn and teach”.

To write of the skills that were sharpened by the Embark journey is to write a whole book. One of these skills is the ability to formulate coherent discussions that advanced in an orderly manner I never once thought possible. Classes do not teach you that. It is only in endeavors like the Embark Reverse Mentorship Program that one can actually learn how to be actively articulate, to speak with people, to describe problems with multivariate aspects, and possibly to lay out proposals to converge to a certain agreement or a solution. Another skill I personally have seen majorly developed, is time management and punctuality. Time was always respected during meetings and scheduling new meetings couldn’t have been any smoother in spite of a packed schedule from both parties.

Even though the connection between the mentor and the mentee was professional, we were able to connect on a personal level until a friendship link developed. It is really difficult these days to find that balance; to be able to communicate from one human being to another despite cultural and generational gaps.

In short, The Embark Project is an incredible initiative to knit people in the society closer to each other and provide synchrony by advocating for equal rights for all. It gives you the mike and ensembles in a choir to sing in perfect unison with the community.

Thank you plenty, Embark Team.